Znate li tko su libertarijarani?

Ukratko, libertarijaran je Balkanac koji je umislio da je libertarijanac.

Izraz “libertarijaran” sastoji se od dva pojma: “libertarijanac” i “jaran”, što u Bosni znači “prijatelj”, ali izvan Bosne često zna imati pogrdno značenje.

Libertarijaran čita puno slobodarske literature i uvjeren je da je libertarijanac, a onda u stvarnosti, nesvjesno i bez da trepne, pogazi ta ista načela jer ih ne prepoznaje u praksi. Ne može ih internalizirati jer nisu kongruentna s mentalitetom koji je dobio u naslijeđe, niti ima dovoljno samouvida i fleksibilnosti da to učini.
Tako će npr. u želji da ispadne slobodouman i pokaže da ženu doživljava kao ravnopravnu sebi, izgovoriti sljedeće: “Dok tuđe žene hodaju zamotane, ja svojoj dozvoljavam da hoda u mini suknji.”

Kaže se: “Ne možeš od Balkanca napravit libertarijanca.” Zašto je tome tako najbolje objašnjava jedan citat na koji sam naišla:

“Generally speaking, the people on the Balkans are still emotionally attached to state owned enterprises. They still see it as a ‘national treasure’, something their grandfathers have built. The prevailing opinion is that the foreigners will come and make profit, while they will work for them as slaves. Majority of people still see the privatisation of SOEs as a treason, loss of sovereignty and stuff like that. Some say that ‘’when you’re bankrupt, you need to grow up.’’ My response to them is: ‘’ Yes, but when you are retarded, you don’t see the need to grow up. It’s the mentality that is hard to change.’’
I’m not saying all people from the Balkans are retarded. I’ve lived in the Balkans for 20 years, and I can unequivocally confirm that the vast majority of people are indeed retarded. They are not retarded in a traditional way. It’s just that they think they are superior to others (the prevailing opinion is that the Americans, Brits and others are stupid), and they refuse to accept the reality and the needs of the 21 century. It’s like those crazies from the mental hospital who think everyone else is crazy except for them.
Due to their self-proclaimed superiority, which nobody else in the rest of the world has ever noticed, the majority of them are not willing to learn from others who have proven to be more successful. They are not willing to accept that others have found better ways to organise the society, and many of them are seriously delusional. For example, some of them think that the living standards in the UK and US are equally poor as in the Balkans. Others think the Brits and Americans are better off because their multinationals exploit the poor people from the Balkans. Despite the fact that very few multinationals have presence there. They blame capitalism for their misfortunes even though they have never experienced capitalism in their countries. Perhaps they’ve seen it on TV. In many places in the Balkans, to start a business, you still have to obtain the approval from the fire department and provide stool samples in the hospital. When I got my first job there, I had to undergo a thorough medical examination, which included eyesight tests, lung x-rays, etc. I mean, what the fu*k?
They are very stubborn in their determination to keep things unchanged. That’s why their economies, educational and judiciary systems have not changed much in the past 30 years. The resistance to change is so strong that no government has the guts to implement any meaningful reforms. This is not to say that the governments are any better than the regular people. They are just a true reflection of the deficient mental capabilities of the majority of their voters.
It’s hard to explain to someone who has never lived there the extent to which these people are ignorant, financially illiterate and irresponsible.”